Pronounced (ˈɡʊduːɪzəm), is not to be mistaken with Guruism which is the state of being a Guru. However, like Guruism, Guduism is also a state of being. But not of a Guru, but a Gudu. The two differ greatly.

Gudu can be assigned to anyone who adheres to the qualities of that state. A Gudu is someone who is on the adventure of finding one’s self. They may be lost in their place on the society. Have a struggle with their past and are constantly seeking for those answers. This journey is tiring with many road blocks and ups and downs. But the Gudu never looses sight of the journey and carries on. The prize at the end is the freedom of one from one’s self and a clear mind. This state of Guduism is very similar to the Nirvana of Buddhism.

Adventure of finding one’s self

A Gudu is pure and good in nature. They always have good intentions and seek no harm to others. Around a Gudu you always feel safe. You can be most vulnerable with them and they take you as the would with their own child and return nothing but love. Because of this quality Gudus have lifelong lasting friendships and are respected and loved by their community.

The title Gudu can be given to anyone as long the criteria is met. Usually in the past it has been given by other Gudus, but that is no requirement and anyone in any society may start the integration of Guduism in their culture. However, one cannot give the title to themselves. It must come from their close proximity environment and circle. It cannot be assigned via social media or the internet as the understanding of a Gudu is only felt by close personal contacts.

Sometimes all you need is just a tree & a Gudu by your side.

Nathalie Kardijan (May 2019)
A doctrine by one of the co-founders of Guduism