New Year Resolution… Blog it

I didn’t use to enjoy writing. I think school kind of ruined it for me. So many essays we had to write for homework. But I guess that kind of helped me get more comfortable with it. But now that school is over, it’s time to do it for fun 🙂

It was about a year ago when I realized the power of keeping a journal. It started when I took some awakening classes at work. Yea I know an odd place to start on your meditation and self awakening journey. But who cares, what matters is that it started. Cause it has really changed my life. It’s a bit of a cliche I guess when you read it. I used to think that at least. But now it’s a fact and way of life for me.

In this age of constant information and immediate gratification, it’s hard to come into terms with reality.

Nima Sepehr 2019… lol

We’re constantly bombarded by “FAKE” news, temporary satisfaction of short Youtube clips, social media posts, needles advertisement and on and on the list goes. All of things which take us more further away from each other. I sound like a grandpa I guess when I talk about these things, but let it be. It was my generation that created this new modern age of communication and let me just say… “We’re sorry”. Not because there’s something wrong with the technology, no. It’s us. We’re not ready for it. Or maybe we will learn and this phase passes. That’s the best outcome we can hope for.

So in 2019 I’ve decided to instead of writing in my journal for myself. I write in my website for myself and the few that may one day stumble upon it.